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MW Capabilities Chart-UPDATED


Media Works buys media across all digital and offline channels.

95% of TV watchers have their
mobile device in hand
while watching. 1 of 12
Radio reaches 91%
of US adults weekly 2 of 12
Social Media
41% of Tik Tok users are
between age 16-24. 3 of 12
Out of Home
Out of home boards
engaging with
consumers in real time
through beacons/mobile
connections. 4 of 12
In the time it takes
search results to
generate on your
screen, Google
performs over 500k
calculations. 5 of 12
45% of US
e-commerce is
done by mobile. 6 of 12
Newspapers are the
best way to reach
seniors. They index
at 137 for
consumption. 7 of 12
Google predicts that
“micro influencers”
with followings of
1-100k are the
future of the
channel. 8 of 12
Streaming Audio
Podcasts listen to 8
hours of content
weekly. 9 of 12
Streaming Video
2020 saw a 28% increase
in streaming TV time
over 2019. 10 of 12
Data & Segmentation
80% of consumers
say they are more
likely to do business
with a company that
personalization 11 of 12
Campaigns including
both search and display
get 22% more
engagement than
search only campaigns. 12 of 12

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