X’s and Oh What Is Happening?!

Two months ago, “X” may have just been a letter to you, but now it is associated with something completely different. What was formerly known as Twitter is now X.

Why X?

According to CBS News, Elon Musk, the current owner, has a history with the letter, dating all the way back to 1999.

  • Musk developed X.com, which later became PayPal.
  • Musk developed his own space exploration company, called SpaceX.
  • When Musk first bought Twitter in 2022, he formed a parent company named X Corp. for the purchase.
  • He has another company called X.AI, which focuses on artificial intelligence.
  • His mega-successful company, Tesla, includes a Model X car.
  • His child is even named X!

Why the Rebrand?

Musk bought Twitter in 2022 with the goal of a rebrand in mind. Musk has stated he wants X to be an “everything app.” Over the last few weeks, various outlets, and Musk himself, have mentioned the below to be coming to X. These are just some of the many changes that could come to the app.

  • Job listings feature being tested
  • Taking over finances: Users will soon make purchases on the X app and control their banking
  • Food ordering
  • Removal of the block feature
  • More audio and video content
  • Ability to make voice and video calls
  • Ability to post articles

The Impact on Advertising

These changes have already impacted advertising on the platform. The rebrand is making companies consider how they are going to adapt to this change. The content being advertised on X now needs to match the app’s brand, including the possibility of the platform no longer being text-heavy. Up until today, advertisers have paid to have text ads, but now, more photos, videos, and articles could be coming to the app. This means advertisers will have to rethink their marketing strategy on X.

Advertisers have also noticed the look of ads has changed. According to Search Engine Land, what used to say “promoted” on the bottom left of posts with an arrow icon, now says “Ad” on the top right corner. Even this simple change can make a big impact. While users are scrolling through the app, they may not be able to tell what is and what isn’t an advertisement anymore. This means ads may have less interactions and deliver less desired results for advertisers.

Recently, Twitter announced a new privacy policy. This disclosed information regarding the app’s ability to collect “biometric” data from its premium users. This includes taking information from a user-provided ID and pictures. The policy also says they may collect information such as your profession, skills, education, and job preferences. Now, this has some big potential to shake up advertising as well. The policy states that this information can allow the app to show more relevant advertising to users.

These changes are only the beginning. X will continue to evolve, and advertisers need to stay on top of these updates. Only time will tell what X will become.

Written by Digital Media Coordinator, Laurel Burns

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