What Does LinkedIn Have in Store for 2024?

LinkedIn continues to improve offerings to advertisers whether it is access to betas, new creative formats, or enhancements to current products. Below are some updates and opportunities for the beginning of 2024.

  • Connected TV
    • Available to all managed accounts.
    • Used for Brand Awareness objective only on the LinkedIn Ad Network.
    • Run on Connected TV in long-form video content.
    • :15-sec or :30-sec non-skippable.
    • Publishers and Platforms:

  • Lookalike audiences will be sunsetting in February and replaced with predictive audiences.
    • Predictive audiences will be built using LinkedIn’s AI and your data to create high-intent audiences.
    • Will allow for more efficiency and better ROI.
    • Early tests saw a 21% CPL reduction in campaigns using Cost Per Action.
  • Click-to-Message Ads
    • New format.
    • Served in a user’s newsfeed.
    • Captures the audience’s attention in the feed and drives them to a conversation via a call-to-action.

  • Document Ads Enhancement
    • Ability to retarget customers that engaged with your Document Ad.
    • Offer of website visits and website conversions.
    • Distribution of the Document Ad on the LinkedIn Audience Network.
  • Shutterstock Integration
    • New feature.
    • Provides access to millions of free ready-to-use images for single image campaigns.
    • Allows for advertisers to creative more ads which can help with results and optimizations.
  • Conversions API
    • New feature.
    • Allows you to send marketing data directly from your server to LinkedIn to measure performance of LinkedIn campaigns.
    • Integration with Google Tag Manager, Zapier, Dreamdata or building a direct API integration is needed.

Media Works utilizes LinkedIn a lot for our clients’ campaigns and stays updated on new opportunities and enhancements.  LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for marketing efforts.  Incorporating the latest features can contribute to more effective and efficient campaigns for our clients.

Written by Account Director, Cheryl Ill

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