Virtual is Here to Stay

The pandemic has certainly shifted the workforce to a virtual or hybrid environment almost overnight.  How we communicate, collaborate, and harmonize has been tested and retested in companies large and small over the past year.  We have been pushed to rely on virtual engagement and change our most basic everyday tasks to a virtual format.

The virtual world has potential for optimism, connection, and information sharing.  There has been an explosion of creativity among people trying to bridge the gap of physical distance.  Active engagement in online culture helps people fight off isolation.

What Marketers Can Do

Marketers need to keep this virtual first mentality at the forefront of their brand interaction with their customers. Consider the customer journey in this new virtual first mindset and alleviate barriers.  The transition to the digital future has not gone smoothly for everyone and brands need to create an atmosphere that all customers are welcome.

Examples of ways brands can capitalize on a virtual first mindset:

  • Virtual Events – expand your audience, collect key data points, and increase revenue
  • Virtual Tours – engaging content will create confidence and save money and time
  • Virtual Communication – create a communication channel that your customers want to adopt
  • Virtual Learning – easily educate your customers on your products in the comfort of their home
  • Virtual Shopping – create a seamless experience that is just like being in the store
  • Virtual Entertainment – give your customers a reward in the form of a concert, game, or show

Let’s Be Innovative and Unique

Virtual marketing techniques are here to stay, and the consumer has never been more receptive to them as they are now.  Re-imagine how you normally create or design something and put yourself in the virtual first mentality.

This blog post was written by Executive Vice President, Amy Ward.

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