Turning “The Great Resignation” into “The Great Reshuffle”

Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you’ve undoubtedly seen the effects the pandemic has had on the current status of work. Both employees and employers have been jostled about, trying to figure out which way is up.  The pandemic shutdowns showed us that we can do our work from home, and we can do it well. But it also showed us that the connection and culture of a company develops differently outside of the office.

Employees have been heard loud and clear.  They are looking for:

  • Flexibility
  • Work life balance
  • Feel valued by management
  • Clear career path
  • Working with people they respect

I don’t believe there is a single human who has not evaluated their own priorities during this pandemic. Many realized they were not doing the things that make them happy, their work-life balance was missing, or they felt undervalued.

Cue “The Great Resignation”

Since Spring 2021, more than 4.53 million Americans have quit their job, and many have found other positions in different fields of work all together. In other words, it’s a hell of a time to be in recruiting.

While the type of marketing I do in our agency is quite different than that of my co-workers, it is vital to shape the talent and direction of our agency. Marketing our business to attract the best talent and showcase our strengths, particularly in a time where it is difficult for smaller agencies to compete, has its own set of challenges.

But it also has areas that we thrive. Listening to our own employees to hear what they enjoy about working here, and what they don’t, ultimately helps us attract the right talent who is the best fit for us and for the employee.

So, let’s look at it as “The Great Reshuffle”

People are not resigning in droves because they hate work, people are re-evaluating what is important to them and acting accordingly. Every industry of work has been affected, and in the end, I think we will end up better for it. More employees will find work that they are passionate about, and companies will find employees more invested in the work they do. Recognizing that when you value an employee as a person above all else, is not only best for the employee but also best for the business.


Written by Human Resources, Melissa Davis

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