Transitioning from Client-Side to Agency-Side

My name is Grayson Senner and I’m Media Works’ newest Digital Buyer! After working on the client side of Advertising for two years, the transition to the agency side seemed like it would be a difficult transition. But I quickly realized that my experience on both sides of the client-agency relationship has helped me to gain valuable perspective. Here are three insights I’ve learned:

Agencies are Constantly Learning and Adapting:

Before my time at MediaWorks, I thought Digital Advertising was a set science, with few curve balls thrown. The truth is, everyone who works for an agency can tell you that the only thing constant is change. For advertisers, it seems like every day brings new changes in policies, procedures, and even new platforms to advertise. The agencies just make it look easy!

Recent changes such as iOS 14.5’s privacy updates, along with Google’s imminent elimination of Third Party cookies has forced agencies to find new and innovative methods to generate leads and track conversions. Navigating changes like these require some trial and error, but agencies like Media Works will find efficient solutions and the latest tactics that are tailored to your business.

No One Knows the Audience Better than the Client:

Technological advancements allow agencies to work with businesses across the world, especially with the recent remote revolution. While this change presents exciting opportunities, there are always small cultural details that can go a long way with improving campaign performance.

For example, the agency I worked with at my previous client-side position was based in Pennsylvania, while we were in New Orleans. We proposed an extended Awareness campaign to advertise dining options, but the agency had no idea Spring was Crawfish season – and how would they? Giving the agency this one detail about our local culture helped to guide the agency in distributing our funds and targeting the campaign to our local flavor.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

What always creates the best results for both clients and the agency? Communication. Since advertising involves so many moving parts for both the client and the agency, there is never such a thing as over-communicating needs, concerns, or expectations. Keeping in constant contact and implementing a regular check-in and reporting schedule helps mitigate small issues that may impede effectiveness of campaigns. Details matter, and communication is the only sure-fire way for maximum campaign performance.

Though all three of the lessons I learned are important, the overarching theme I’ve learned in my crossover is that agencies and clients both share one goal – helping a client achieve success.


Written by Digital Media Planner/Buyer, Grayson Senner

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