The Importance of Media Measurement Training

The media industry is changing and evolving at record speeds and the consumer is leading this charge.  They are deciding where, when, and how they want to view content.  The issue for media planners and buyers is how technology partners are keeping up on the measurement side thus helping to create currency-based impressions.

The Nielsen company recently hosted a training session highlighting three major takeaways:

  1. The Nielsen Company refines media measurement based on the ad consumption across platforms. Nielsen’s ratings and impressions detailed exposure reports measure the media habits of a demographic and represent the entire population.
  2. Consumers now a days get media through more touch points than ever. Per Nieslen’s Q2 report, time spent consuming media increased to 9+ hours a day[1]. Now, with specific targeting capabilities, consumers receive dynamic ads, which are one on one experiences versus the traditional linear advertising. These dynamic ads feel curated, made especially for you. There are four main platforms consumers see media: video, connected devices, digital devices, and audio. It has never been easier to consume media than in 2023.
  3. Buyers and planners strategize a media mix that best represents the entire population and their media usage. While an audience changes with the times, so must the media recommendations. What once worked in 2009, may not be the best tactic for 2023. Understanding media consumption habits as well as the measurement side is critical in developing a media recommendation that hits the consumer in all aspects of their day.

Media Works relies on Nielsen data to make informed decisions in our media planning and recommendations.  It is important to work with measurement companies that can help us drive measurable impact with a comparable view of all media channels.

[1] Purdy, Terri. “Media Basics”. Nielsen Training Agency. 6, June 2023.

Written by Digital Media Coordinator, Maddie Nowak

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