The Evolution of Social Media

Every day, social media and digital technology are evolving.  How the digital space interacts with our everyday life has become almost synonymous.  Have you ever left your house without your smartphone and turned back because it was THAT important.  Nowadays, you can do everything by digital technology such as:

  • Talk to people
  • Catch up on the latest news
  • Staying up to date on friends and family lives
  • Order clothes, groceries, tickets, or transportation

According to the Pew Research Center report, it stated 72% United States Americans use some form of social media. Currently, people can make money off social media without leaving their house such as Influencers, content creators, social media managers, celebrities, etc.

Social media was first created to help you stay connected to people you know. The example of Myspace was a great first example of this.  which evolved into Facebook then evolved into multiple sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, Club House, Twitter and many more. As social media sites evolved, it increased the functions such as streaming live, making profit off your content, virtual gatherings, sharing locations, dating sites, etc.

In the digital world there’s a saying called “Six Degrees” which was originated as the blueprint for sites such as a Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It was known as a predecessor of Facebook, that included profiles and friends list. This service has lost mainstream knowledge due to the changes of social media. So, it is now considered late 90s and early 2000s knowledge. This blueprint “Six Degrees” would lock down your browser where it would automatically make your profile private. But since then, now you have an option to make your profile private or open to the world.

Fun Fact:

  • 72% U.S Adults uses social media
  • 69% U.S Adults are on Facebook
  • 73% U.S Adults use Snapchat
  • 73% U.S Adults regularly visits YouTube
  • 75% U.S Adults 18 to 24 use Instagram
  • TikTok is rising to the top due the popularity and addiction of the app

What’s Next for social media?

The technology will become more advanced, more financial demands, more online businesses, and cultural dynamics will start to shift. New social platforms will start to emerge such as discord, Amino, Reddit, creating better features than the ones that already exist. The cons of social media will still be present such as cyberbullying and misusing inappropriate content. The question now that everyone should ask themselves and analyze in the digital world, is it truly social or have people became too immersed in the space?

Written by Digital Coordinator, Deja Greer

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