The Adoption of AI Into Agency Operations

Few technologies have had such a universal impact on businesses and AI is poised to follow in the footsteps of its transformative predecessors like the internet and telephones. This innovative force is ready to revolutionize daily operations across all industries.

While AI has long been a buzzword, the unveiling of ChatGPT to the public in November 2022 marked a significant milestone. It was the first time this technology, once shrouded in secrecy, was made accessible to a wider audience, and it was eagerly embraced. In just five days after its launch, ChatGPT garnered over one million users, a feat that Instagram took over two and a half months to achieve. By June of the same year, it had accumulated a staggering 1.6 billion visits, underscoring the insatiable demand for this groundbreaking technology. Concurrently, Google introduced its own generative AI tool, Bard, and has been progressively integrating more AI features into its suite of products.

As an agency veteran for over a decade, the key question I kept asking myself is how will it affect our business? I recently attended a 4A’s webinar explaining why agencies need to embrace AI that was hosted by Google, and it shed light on how this technology can turbo charge the agency experience for clients.

What we first need to recognize is that we’re in the middle of a paradigm shift within our own industry. We all know that there is more content than ever before. There are more ways to discover, research and purchase products than there have ever been. Inherently that means the complexity of campaigns will increase as you can potentially go through more channels and need more creative assets. This is where the use of AI and the agency can marry and create extra value to clients.

Media buyers must adapt by honing their proficiency in comprehending and leveraging AI-driven technologies to make more informed and impactful media purchasing decisions. Acknowledging that creative assets and copy are now essentially limitless is a reality agencies must prepare for. It is incumbent upon us to guide clients in maximizing their existing assets across the myriad of new and diverse formats they can assume. Furthermore, comprehending the predictive analytic facet of AI, and its implications—from adjusting advertising schedules to fine-tuning target audiences based on predictive data—will wield considerable influence in how we strategize for future campaigns.

While AI excels in many areas, tasks necessitating creativity, strategic insight, and a nuanced comprehension of consumer behavior remain the purview of human expertise, capacities that AI has yet to fully replicate. Agencies must continue to be the guardians for their clients, aiding them in comprehending and thriving in this brave new world ushered in by generative artificial intelligence.

Written by Vice President, Jeff Weaton

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