Super Bowl Results – On & Off the Field

The results are in from last night’s game, both on the field and on the screen. The majority of commercials were lighthearted, humorous and star studded. A few were emotional and heartwarming, and none too controversial. There were several :60 spots.

With :30 spots going for a reported $7 million, advertisers had a lot on the line.

The 36th USA Today Ad Meter ratings closed in the early morning hours with these results.

The #1 spot went to State Farm and the “Like a Good Neighbaa” spot featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, alongside Danny DeVito. This spot was written for Arnold and garnered a 6.68 on the ad rating scale.

#2 went to Dunkin, scoring a 6.52 and the :60 “The Dunkings” with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, JLo and Tom Brady. Dunkin sent out their new Dunkings menu to reward members this morning. Public opinion has voted this one a favorite. It is funny!

#3 is Kia with “Perfect 10”, a heartwarming :60 featuring the EV9 electric car. It lit the ice rink for a girl to perform for her ailing grandfather, earning a 6.36.

#4 is Uber Eats “Worth Remembering” with Jennifer Anniston, David Schwimmer, Usher and others all forgetting something in order to remember something.

#5 is the NFL’s spot that has been running throughout the post season “Born To Play” showing a boy from Ghana dreaming of playing in the NFL.

Rounding out the remainder of the top ten:

#6 Dove. “Hard Knocks” about young girls, self esteem and body confidence. After not showing in a Superbowl for the past 18 years, this spot became a favorite among reviewers.

#7 BMW “Talkin Like Walken” another :60 featuring Christopher Walken and people he runs into trying to imitate his voice.

#8 Budweiser “Old School Delivery” brought the iconic Clydesdales back in their nostalgic :60 spot.

#9 was Verizon “Can’t B Broken” staring Beyonce trying to break the internet and perhaps dropping new music?

#10 was long time Superbowl advertiser Doritos with their :60 spot “Dina & Mita” promoting Doritos Dinamita.

Another long-time reviewer, The Kellog School of Business at Northwestern University grades spots each year as well. Top honors went to Google Pixel for the second year in a row, to Dove’s “Hard Knocks” to CeraVe and to Mountain Dew “Having a Blast”, which claims the drink can liven up any situation.

There are many outlets ranking the ads and many opinions. Maybe one of your favorites was mentioned here, unless it was or Temu. The Kellog School gave low marks to both advertisers, each of whom ran multiple spots, (Temu ran the same spot! But we did learn the correction pronunciation). Both brands failed to deliver a compelling benefit.

In case you missed any while getting your refill or taking your third trip to the chip and dip bowl, they are all on YouTube.


Written by Account Director, Julie Block Padden

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