Super Bowl LVIII Commercials: Big Names, Bigger Surprises

As Super Bowl LVIII approaches, anticipation builds not just for the game but for the commercials set to air during this globally watched event. This year, viewers can expect an intriguing mix of big names and even bigger surprises. From iconic brands making bold statements to newcomers aiming to leave a lasting impression, the commercial lineup promises an unforgettable blend of humor, innovation, and emotion.

The “Taylor Swift Effect”

For the first time, health and beauty companies are jumping on the band wagon with their own Super Bowl ad.  Swift’s hugely publicized relationship with Travis Kelce has been credited with the bump in this season’s NFL ratings – especially for the female demographic.  Beauty companies like e.l.f and  L’Oreal NYX Professional Makeup have purchased their first Super Bowl ad, taking advantage of this spike in female viewership.

Big Brands Drop Political Advertising

Some big corporate brands, that previously took stands on issues such as diversity and climate change, are back to being lighthearted and funny.  Brands like Bud Light acknowledge that anything seen as political, while attempting to market products to all consumers, can be dangerous to navigate.  The beer brand’s return to humor comes after it endured a damaging conservative boycott for featuring a transgender social media influencer in one of its ads.  With the help Post Malone and Peyton Manning, Bud Light is hoping to fix the damage of last year’s campaign with the introduction of the Bud Light Genie.

Non-Profits Aren’t Afraid to Get Political

As corporate advertisers are avoiding the promotion of social causes – at least one (1) nonprofit disagrees and will be using the Super Bowl to address social issues, acting as a catalyst for social change and awareness.  The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, a non-profit founded by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, will air its first-ever Super Bowl commercial. The ad comes amid rising anti-Semitic incidents during the Israel-Hamas war.  “What we’re going to do together, after this ad, is build bridges to get more love and subdue the hate that’s going on and let people of all backgrounds and all color, all gender, all religions look at the positive things in life,” Kraft said.

Celebrity-free Super Bowl ads have become a rarity.

Overall, more brands reply on celebrity cameos because there is so much pressure to break through the clutter – not just in the Super Bowl itself but on other platforms as well.  The stars themselves are very strong media vehicles and will amplify a brands advertising with their own social media following.

Uber Eats might win the award for the most A-List celebrities in a super bowl ad and will include cameos by David and Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Jelly Roll and Usher.

Other star packed commercials include Michelob Ultra’s spot featuring Lionel Messi and BetMGM’s ad starring Tom Brady, Vince Vaughn and Wayne Gretzky.  Messi is one of the most followed people on Instagram, with nearly 500 million followers, so the Michelob Ultra ad is sure to make an impact.

BetMGM isn’t the only brand showcasing Professional Athletes this year.  Sports drink Bodyarmor has enlisted the help of athletes Christian McCaffrey, CeeDee Lamb, Joe Burrow, Alex Morgan, Ronald Acuna and Connor McDavid for it’s very first Super Bowl Ad.

“Saturday Night Live” cast members Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon are sure to be a riot while introducing a new marketing mascot, Mayo Cat, in their Super Bowl commercial for Hellmann’s.

And Quinta Brunson of “Abbot Elementary” will anchor a 45-second ad for Intuit’s TurboTax as well as a pre-game spot for the software before kickoff.  That’s over $10 Million Dollars of spending for TurboTax in Sunday’s Game!  As a side-note – this year’s Super Bowl is breaking a new pricing record at $7 Million Dollars for a 30 second spot!!

What ads are you excited to see?

When you watch Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, expect to see hilarious, heartwarming, and surprising ads from some of the biggest brands and celebrities in the world. Whether you are a fan of Bud Light, Uber Eats, Peyton Manning, or Taylor Swift, there is something for you and everyone else to enjoy and talk about. So which ads are you excited to see?

Written by Account Manager, Jennifer Pupshis

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