Super Bowl LVII – A Super-Bowl of “Firsts”

One thing is for certain – no matter who wins Super Bowl LVIII it will be a super bowl to remember!  Lots of “Firsts” in this super bowl both on and off the field.

Let’s start with those “On-the-field” firsts that are going to make history this upcoming Sunday.

  • Super Bowl LVII has been coined the “Kelce Bowl”.  Travis Kelce (Tight end for KC) and Jason Kelce (Center for Philly) will become the 1st brothers to play against each other in Super Bowl History.  The brothers have been having a lot of fun on their pod cast, “New Heights” the past few weeks.  “He’s got more Pro Bowls, he’s going in the Hall of Fame as a first ballot, arguably the best tight end of all time, he’s better looking, he’s better at dancing.”  Said Jason.  “Give me one thing, Trav, let me have more Super Bowls.”  This brother rivalry is going to be so much fun to watch for everyone but their poor parents.
  • As a woman owned agency – we are super excited that (2) Women will also be making history on Feb 12th.  Autumn Lockwood will be the 1st Black woman to coach in a Super Bowl as an assistant performance coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and Nicole Lynn will be the 1st Black Female Agent to represent an NFL QB (Jalen Hurts).  Women continue to prove themselves in male dominated professions and it’s fantastic!
  • The biggest and probably most talked about “First” for Super Bowl LVII centers around both teams Quarterbacks.  Jalen Hurts of Philly and Patrick Mahomes of KC will be making history by being the 1st Black QB’s to start in a Super Bowl!  Both players are excited to be part of such an historic event and grateful for past players like Marlin Briscoe and Warren Moon who have helped pave the way.  Briscoe was the 1st Black Player in the Super Bowl era to start a game as a QB and Moon was the 1st Black QB to enter the NFL Hall of Fame.  You might think “There are many Black players in the NFL” and you are right.  But for years, Black players who were QB’s in college were relegated to more physical positions like running back, cornerback and wide receiver.  QB’s are considered the ultimate leader of the team and Black players were not given that opportunity…things have changed and changed for the better!  In a time where DEI in the workplace is so important – this is a huge milestone.

Let’s transition to the “Off-the-field” firsts now – in Commercials!!!! We are a media agency after all so the commercials are KING!

  • Super bowl ads in 2023 are more expensive than ever costing up to $7 million dollars for a national 30-second spot!  Advertisers who want to be in the Super Bowl, but don’t want to spend their entire year’s budget, have decided to take a regional approach, buying a few markets that make the most sense for their business.  Great idea for 1st time Super Bowl advertisers.
  • Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, a leading craft brewery, is breaking into the big game but with a smaller buy.  Even though they are a national seller they will not be going national for the big game.  Dogfish’s first super bowl spot will only be airing in-game in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.
  • Other advertisers like Planters and Sam Adams have also decided to go more local and only advertise in their top selling markets.
  • For the 1st time in 33+ years, Anheuser-Busch In-Bev will not be paying for alcohol exclusivity!  This means commercials from competing brands like Molson Coors, Sam Adams, and Heineken.  Miller Lite and Coors Light are battling in billboards and print ads to see which brand gets the 30-second spot.  The last time the company had a spot in-game was in the 80’s!

So much to get excited about this upcoming super-bowl Sunday!!!  What other “Firsts” will we see on Sunday??  Check back in after the Super Bowl to find out…

Written by Senior Integrated Media Buyer/Planner, Jennifer Pupshis

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