Strategic Thinking Around Twitter

Twitter is a platform that allows people to discover new information, news, and events. Whether you’re an agency or a business looking to connect with your target audience, Twitter is where a lot of content lives. Such as, breaking news, sports, entertainment, technology, cultural movements and more.

Our agency is starting to utilize Twitter across multiple accounts because we are seeing that people who use twitter are engaged and want to discover new things. A study shows that there is a +35% increase in global ad engagements year over year, and we are seeing that the options to target different age groups and interest are growing.

To best utilize twitter, below you will find a few best practices to use to make your ads the most effective.

Create a Strategy

Before you start a campaign, pinpoint your overall strategy and goal for your campaign. Once you have that in mind, make sure you set the right objective and are tracking the right KPI’s to keep your campaign on track during the flight.

Keep it Concise

The best performing tweets are short and sweet. Tweets that are only 50-100 characters, simple, straight to the point and focuses on a clear and direct message will be the most influential to your audience.


It’s important having visuals that stand out from your competitors in your ads. 97% of people focus on visuals on twitter. That is why it’s important to have an image that is focusing on your product and message, this will help intrigue your target audience to your ad.


The key for your campaign is to include at least one video into if possible. Video is one of the strongest tactics on Twitter, many people like to consume information quickly and effectively. One of the best practices is to include brand keywords in the first three seconds of the ad and by having a clear logo placement helps drive 30% higher brand recall.

Campaign Optimization

There are many different optimizations to make while your campaign is running, the first one is to start with auto bid to help ensure to stay competitive in the auction. The second optimization is to run multiple tweets and have a variety of creative. This will help show which creative and copy resonates with your audience the most. The other optimization is to explore different target options to expand your audience and see which groups resonate with your content the most, and then continue to build off that. Lastly, monitor and adjust. Check your campaign on a regular basis to see if it needs adjustments along the way to help keep your campaign successful.

Advertising on any social media platform can be a challenge and you will find that some strategies work great for your brand and others will not. It is important to always be willing to adjust tactics and follow best practices to help your campaign be a success.

Written by Digital Media Planner/Buyer, Rylee Palys

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