Programmatic Out of Home, what is THAT?

One of our favorite parts of the media business is keeping up with the new trends in advertising. Programmatic out of home is one of the newest developments that combines the efficiency and targeting of digital with the scale and reach of out of home.

What is programmatic out of home? It is the automated buying, selling and delivery of out of home advertising on digital billboards and other digital out of home units. These could include screens inside bars & restaurants, transit signage, rideshare screens, gas station tv, airport signage and the list goes on.

What are the benefits of programmatic digital out of home?

  • Targeting your audience using 3rd party or 1st party data sources
  • Ability to turn messaging on and off almost instantaneously
  • No minimum budget requirements
  • Ability to have the message run on many different digital units & screens in order to reach the targeted audience
  • Capability to re-target your audience
  • Utilize reactive creative for specific triggers: weather, sporting events, even stock market fluctuations

As with all media placements, there are disadvantages:

  • No guarantees on units
  • No guarantees on impressions
  • Potential higher CPMs (dependent on targeting, geography, etc.)

Programmatic out of home is a great solution for certain clients & campaigns, and is another placement to be considered in the always-changing media landscape. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to us!

Written by VP Marketing & Growth, Beth Cyphers, & Account Director, Cheryl Ill

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