Press Start: Engaging in the Uncharted Territory of In-Game Advertising

Think about your average week, what do you spend about half a day doing? Could it be reading, working out, or, a personal project? Well, for about 3 billion people; it’s gaming. What was once considered a niche hobby has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry complete with cultural influence, cyberspaces for socializing, and now, commerce. While e-commerce is nothing new, what does this mean for the future of in-game marketing? In November 2023, 4A’s hosted a conference to answer that and more.

Game Day: Planning for Gaming, brought gaming, digital experience, and digital advertising industry leaders together to share insights into how marketers can successfully advertise in this industry.

Here’s what was shared.

  1. No Longer Emerging, Gaming is Here

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (iab) shared evidence of the appeal and influence of gaming. Within their presentation: Gaming. It’s Not Subculture It Is Culture, celebrated brands the likes of Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci collaborated with popular games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and Roblox to create exclusive design lines. Gaming’s influence also made its way to the 2023 Grammy’s with Assassins Creed winning Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games; the first Grammy award of its kind. With this much influence on mainstream culture, video gaming has proven itself an industry with staying power.

  1. Numbers Don’t Lie

In their presentation, Critical Mass, a global digital experience agency, reported that video gaming generates more revenue than the film box office, music, and streaming TV combined. Activision, one of the lead developers, publishers, and video game distributors, reported that the gaming industry is set to increase by 500 million users by the end of 2024. Add this to the estimated $190 billion worth of buying power and advertisers can see the importance of keying into this audience. If done correctly, advertisers can yield successful campaigns but, how is that done?

  1. Strategic Ad Types

Frameplay, a digital in-game advertising platform presented survey results from their Intrinsic In-Game Advertising Report; about unlocking new advertising opportunities with intrinsic advertising – a form of advertising that is not disruptive and inserted natively into gaming experiences. When asked what types of ads are most effective at driving actions, 34.1% of survey participants named intrinsic ads. Although there are other types of in-game advertising like, advergames, sponsored, and skins; intrinsic advertising has proven itself as the most effective because of its seamless integration within platforms that doesn’t interrupt gameplay.

The video game industry’s growth is exemplified through its cultural impact, influence, and notoriety. Marketers that understand this unique space can tap into its buying power and effectively speak to its likes and dislikes when it comes to advertising campaigns that work. Keying into these insights can determine the success or failure of a campaign.

Written by Paid Search Associate, Kourtnie Wash

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