Mom Gamers: 3 Approaches to Unlock this Audience

Roughly 45 million, or 87%, of gamers in the United States are moms; an unexpected insight revealed in the 4A’s “Mom’s Got Game” webinar hosted last month. Navigating a landscape as unique as this takes a stockpile of insightful research and strategic tactics to unlock this demographic’s buying power. In this article, we’ll share three approaches marketers can use to get in front of this growing audience.

Emotion Drives Action

Emotions play a critical role in the purchasing process. An Activision survey revealed that most moms report relaxation as the top emotion experienced while gaming followed by happiness, satisfaction, and excitement. To leverage this audience, Melinda Spence – Head of Insight at Activision Blizzard Media, suggests exploring ad options such as rewarded video and playback experiences that insight the same sentiment.

Zero In

With a reported 67% of gamer moms being weekly shoppers, advertisers can target a valuable audience on a basis more frequent than other platforms like TV, online video, and even social media. During the week, moms spend most time gaming between 6 and 10 pm with top shopping categories including apparel, makeup, and food/drink from a restaurant. Understanding targeting options and buying behaviors such as these can strengthen campaigns in this new medium.

Keep It, Seasonal Sweetie!

Activision reports that gamer moms are primed for brands during the back-to-school season and winter holidays; two key times for shopping. When asked how marketers can use a positive state of mind to deliver unique messaging and experiences, Melinda suggests tying in-game advertising and immersive advertising to match the buying season. Much like the feeling warm Christmas lights, and holiday music bring; various in-game advertising opportunities can now do the same.

82% of “gamer moms” play or watch video games over four times a week, an indication of the growing demographic. These women use gaming to fill their free time, relax, and most importantly spend time with their families. By understanding the role emotion plays in driving action, zeroing in on your target audience’s behavior, and remembering to keep ads in-season; marketers can begin to build a trophy-worthy strategy.

Written by Paid Search Specialist, Kourtnie Wash

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