Media Works Approach to Multi-cultural Media Planning

Diversity and inclusion is a key initiative for 2021 for many marketers and platforms. With this commitment, advertisers are focusing on avenues to reach diverse audiences effectively and efficiently.

One example from Media Works:

  • A client desired to reach several minority populations beyond general media outlets traditionally used for mass market reach/awareness in Maryland.
  • Media Works identified key areas with high volumes of Asian, Black and Hispanic customers and analyzed their media habits along with additional lifestyle habits to effectively reach the target audience.
  • Based on the specific geographical areas of the state, Media Works identified media opportunities such as El Sol, Latino Opinion, Mundo Latino, and Latino targeting on Pandora to reach the Hispanic population. We placed ads in special editions of the AFRO surrounding Black history month, and Juneteenth, while supporting local minority owned businesses.
  • In specific counties with high Asian populations, local media efforts were increased, and strategically flighted heavier during Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Month.

The details of the three step process in the example are rooted in best practices:

Step 1: Understand the market composition

To successfully advertise to diverse audiences, understand the market.

  • Demographic research tools will help reveal make-up of a market, and where to focus multi-cultural efforts.
  • Focus on the percent of a specific ethnicity/race compared to other ethnicities/ within that market/ compare market data . Tools such as Claritas 360, and BUDDY will provide these insights, current market-state, and potential forecasted market growth.

Step 2: Understand consumer media habits

  • How do diverse audiences consume media differently then the general population?
  • Are they listening to Hispanic radio stations, the Latino genre while streaming Pandora?
  • Do they drive to work, take the bus or the train?
  • Are the audiences reading a specific newspapers or magazines with specific content?
  • What communities do they belong to across social media?

Tools like Scarborough and MyBestSegments build consumer personas and shed light on how different ethnicities consume media.

Step 3: identify available media opportunities

Once the audience demographics and consumer habits are established, investigate the media opportunities in the desired market. For example, Univision is a good choice for Hispanic TV and radio users.

Understanding populations and media habits help with targeting, but also help with budget recommendation. The key to effective multi-cultural marketing is access to data and research and creative use of these insights to develop strategies. Cultural nuances can dictate subtle differences in messaging and demand precise understanding of psychographics and geo-trends. Media Works is well versed with these processes and building learnings through testing & learning. Should you have questions or need help with your efforts, we are just a phone call away!


This post was written by Halley Firestone, Vice President.

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