Media Alert: Threads

Meta released a new app last week called Threads. It is a text-based social network platform that you use within the Instagram app, it is similar to Twitter. Below you can read how it works and what is the future for paid ads on this app.

How it works:

In order to have Threads, you are required to have an Instagram account. Once you download the app, it will ask you to login using your Instagram credentials, then Threads will automatically use your Instagram username but will give you an option to customize your profile. Threads also gives you an option to follow the same accounts that you follow on Instagram, so you do not have to manually find your followers. Anyone under 16 or under 18 in certain countries will be defaulted into a private profile.

Meta is angling threads as Instagram’s “text -based conversation app,” it offers a new space for real-time updates and public conversations. Users post text-based messages that are limited to five hundred characters, you can also include images and videos, and you can tag specific users in your threads. They have rolled this app out in more than one hundred countries for IOS and Androids, however, it has not been rolled out in Europe yet.

Advertising Opportunities:

As of now, they have not launched paid ads on this platform, but rumor has it that they are hoping to have paid ads available soon. They have not released many details, but many are speculating that “threads” would be another placement to check off on the Meta Ads platform when setting up your campaigns. This will allow for another opportunity to target your audience to where they are spending their time in the Meta apps.

Because of the integration with Meta, we expect ads to be available for purchase much quicker than what we usually see with new app launches.

This is brand new as it just launched last week, so we are hoping to have more information and guidance on whether this will be a good platform to introduce to our accounts. We will keep everyone posted on any updates or new developments that may occur.

Written by Senior Account Specialist, Rylee Palys

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