I’m Not Over Jury Duty & Your Media Planning Shouldn’t Be Either!

Amazon Prime exists somewhere in the top 5 paid streaming services that are currently available to us, with approximately 81% of US internet users between the ages of 18 to 34 having a membership. Personally, I get a lot of valuable streaming hours out of titles available to me on Prime. I’ve loved The Summer I Turned Pretty, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the list goes on! Professionally, dealing with Prime’s popularity has been a headache for the media planning and strategy I work with. Amazon Prime is a walled garden, advertisers don’t have the ability to run their campaigns through the platform and because of that have no access to the audience using it.

Enter Jury Duty, an 8-episode comedy-documentary that took over social consciousness, at the very least my social consciousness for the better part of the Spring.  Like The Office or Parks and Rec, Jury Duty combines scripted and reality programming – the twist: 12 members of a Jury, 11 are actors and 1 has no idea. The cast is put through a series of bizarre scenarios all surrounding a fictional court case and goes to great lengths to show the true character of the hero: Ronald. Not only is it laugh-out-loud funny and deeply emotionally touching, but it is also completely free on Prime thanks to their new ad-supported tier called Freevee.

This is huge news! There is now an opportunity to access the wealth of audience information and targeting capabilities that have been previously under lock and key at Amazon headquarters. Freevee, which was originally called IMDb TV, has a complete library of free original and licensed content all of which is supported by ads. In 2022, Amazon reported that their existing ad-supported content was reaching over 120 million views per month. If that number shows advertisers anything, it’s that people are willing to forgo the cost of their membership for the price of their attention.

And as advertisers, we need their attention. That is what drives our KPIs, our lead generation efforts, our campaign conversion numbers that we rely on to show that we know what we’re talking about. Amazon has been teasing an ad-supported tier to their streaming services since early in the 2020s and, with the first-party audience data amassed through Amazon shopping, Kindle reading, and Prime viewing the advantages that could be seen in campaign strategy and planning cannot be overstated.

On top of Prime Video advertising, Amazon currently offers OTT inventory on Freevee, Amazon Published services broadcast and network apps, live sports, Twitch, and the News app via Fire TV. Through the self-service option for advertisers, there is no campaign minimum budget to run a campaign and the platform runs a CPM range between $25-$75. With a promised easy-to-use interface that allows campaigns to be set up in minutes and ad solutions for every budget, and guaranteed brand safety, this is an avenue that can now be seriously considered as planning begins for the 2024 fiscal year.

Thanks to the success of Jury Duty, I trust that Freevee will continue to deliver high quality entertainment and I am more than willing to sit through 60 seconds of ads to consume it. I am confident that I am not alone in this sentiment – there are 11,4000,000 Google results for “Jury Duty season 2” alone.

Written by Digital Media Specialist, Maya Hettleman

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