Highlights from the 2020 Newfronts

This year, Newfront presenters focused on changes and upheaval due to COVID and diversity challenges. Some developments are shaking the industry into dramatic permanent shifts. The other narrative seemed to be who was the biggest and who had the most fresh and intriguing content (perhaps we see this competition every year).

Here is a rundown of the presentations attended by Media Works team members. View the full presentations here.

American Public Media

Introduced the Marketplace Minute – A partnership with Westwood One – a 60-sec briefing to air on Smart Speakers

Barstool Sports

The publisher touted that they are a top 5 podcast network and the largest publisher on TikTok with 8 million followers.

Conde Nast

With a brand that is already attracting 1 billion consumers, they say they have “more scale than influencers and more influence than TV”. Look for 150 new pilots from Conde Nast over the next year.

Ellen Digital

Ellen, too, touted their size: 30 million followers and 1 billion monthly viewers.


According to Hulu, streaming has increased 100%+, innovating advertising similar to search and social in years past. Hulu will be joining forces with Disney to offer a unified platform in October, offering opportunities for advertiser across the Disney portfolio.


With 98.5% of Americans within listening range of an NPR station, NPR creates 8 of the top 20 national podcasts. In an age of fake news, NPR is one of the most trusted news brands with 77% of survey respondents saying they trusted NPR’s Pandemic coverage.


Roku says that their streaming demand adds up to more hours than any other platform. Roku is building a premium offering called Reserved Audiences which is the top 1% most watched channels.


In the US, 90% of SnapChat users are 13-24 and they check the platform 30 times a day. Snap Originals is content featuring a new show from Will Smith, a SnapChat only show called Nikita Unfiltered, and a new show called The Drop which will turn viewers into buyers via a shoppable feature.


TikTok is a “sound on” environment featuring 6 ways to advertise. Some interesting opportunities include Branded Effect—an experience allowing users to create content in 3D, and the Branded Scan in which brands can create an augmented reality experience for their users.


Acquired recently by FOX, Tubi is now the #3 streaming service for Reality TV behind Hulu and Netflix, and 80% of viewers are watching on a connected TV.


Univision calls itself “America’s Hispanic Superbrand” catering to the fastest growing segment in the US. Over the next year be on the lookout for 11 new prime scripted titles.


Vevo is a great place to target multi-cultural audiences in a brand safe environment. To make big, event-based impact, consider surrounding Vevo premieres with show 451% lift in US Channel views the day of their release.

Vice Media

Look for programming that will focus on “Systematic Racism” and “Police Brutality” across all platforms in the next year.

Wall Street Journal

Focusing on The Trust and The Exchange, Wall Street Journal stressed their ability to craft authentic stories and messages while allowing advertisers first party targeting driven by scale and data in a brand safe environment.


Users find inspirational content across YouTube as 72% of users find YouTube’s content to be inspirational. There is a renewed focus on comments and terminology used in comments to ensure that the community is a safe and positive experience.


Hosting a round table of CMOs from big brands, the discussion focused on the effects of the Pandemic. Lowe’s CMO mentioned the need to be supportive through advertising platforms, highlighting their #Buildthanks campaign that encouraged their audience to use materials in their home to DIY signs to thank front line workers.

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