Harnessing the Power of Pinterest to Reach Gen Z

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media and digital marketing, Pinterest has emerged as a potent platform, particularly in its appeal to Gen Z.  This generation, characterized as tech-savvy, visually-oriented and trend-focused, has recently found a natural home on Pinterest, where creativity and inspiration flourish. This demographic’s increasing presence on the platform presents a unique opportunity for advertisers looking to engage with a younger audience in innovative ways.

Recent trends indicate a significant increase in Gen Z users on Pinterest. A report published by Pinterest in May 2024 states highlighted some key metrics regarding their growth on the platform:

  1. 42% of Pinterest’s Global Monthly user base is Gen Z
  2. Gen Z searches on the platform are up 30% year over year
  3. Gen Z’ers who use Pinterest weekly are 1.3x more likely to shop online, compared to non-users

Since this demographic values authenticity and self-expression, it is no surprise that Pinterest is seeing a surge in traffic from the Gen Z population. Whether they’re seeking fashion inspiration, home decor ideas, or planning future endeavors, Gen Z users turn to Pinterest as a tool for exploration and discovery, shaping their preferences and purchase decisions along the way.

Pinterest also shared some helpful tips to advertisers wishing to strategize their advertising the platform:

  • Harness Search Behavior:
    • Gen Z uses Pinterest as a search engine for everyday purchases, with significant year-on-year increases in searches for topics like food and fashion. Advertisers should optimize Pins with relevant keywords and utilize keyword targeting for effective reach.
  • Build Engagement for Conversion:
    • Gen Z engages deeply on Pinterest, saving Pins and creating boards at higher rates than other generations. Encourage Pin saves and board creations through upper-funnel campaigns to increase future conversion likelihood.
  • Make Pins Shoppable:
    • A majority of weekly Gen Z Pinners are consistently in a shopping mindset. Utilize shoppable ad formats such as carousels and collections to showcase products visually and direct users to make purchases directly.
  • Stay Ahead of Trends:
    • Gen Z is quick to adopt emerging trends on Pinterest, influencing early search momentum for aesthetic and lifestyle preferences. Use Pinterest Predicts and create varied content formats (like quiz ads and multiple boards) to engage with evolving tastes.
  • Connect with Culture:
    • Gen Z engages deeply with cultural moments and communities on Pinterest, planning and seeking inspiration for events like festivals and online activities. Tailor campaigns around cultural interests, providing curated product guides and ideas.
  • Engage the Purchasing Circle:
    • Beyond Gen Z, consider family and friends who shop for them. Encourage sharing of Pinterest boards and provide insights into Gen Z trends to broaden campaign impact and reach across different demographics.

Leveraging Pinterest to connect with Gen Z requires a strategic approach that aligns with their digital behaviors and preferences. The above tips can aid advertisers in enhancing brand visibility, drive conversions, and foster lasting connections with this influential demographic.

Written by Senior Media Specialist, Grayson Senner

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