Googles Annual Livestream Uncovers Pandemic Aftershocks

Last month Google hosted their annual Marketing Livestream event. This virtual keynote event announced new products and the latest trends and marketing best practices. As the world emerges from the pandemic, Media Works had the opportunity to hear from industry leaders who have transformed their businesses to adapt to the new realities.

Key takeaways:

Get the Customer Insights You Need with Google Analytics

The focus on user privacy and elimination of cookies have been hot topics in the digital marketing landscape for the past few years. Google believes requesting consent before accepting cookies will become standard across the world. In Q3 of last year, Google released consent mode within Google Tags, to respect user’s consent choices in both ad and analytics cookies.

Google Analytics has also recently launched new products within their platform to allow marketers access to insights within gaps where users do not consent to cookies.

The Importance of 1st Party Data

Google’s data shows that companies that use 1st party data for key marketing functions achieve more than 2x an uplift and revenue and more than 1 ½ increase in cost savings.

During the presentation, we heard from a marketing professional at Decker Brand shoes. Prior to the pandemic, the company desired to build closer relationships with their customers by collecting and analyzing data. This data prepared them for the consumer mindset shift throughout 2020.

By having this data highlighting when people transitioned to work from home in the beginning of the pandemic, Decker started the comfort conversation through their Ugg brand. As people began building home gyms, Decker shifted to promoting their athletic brand, Hoka.

Finding an Authentic Voice in Social Justice

While the world dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, we also were inspired to have conversations about the racial injustice that minorities in this country have experienced for years. Many brands struggled with finding their voice within this space.

During the livestream we heard from Emmanuel Acho, a former NFL player who created the podcast “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man”. He stressed the importance of marketers and storytellers opening their minds to be able to tell stories from multiple vantage points in order to encapsulate the entirety of the story. In addition, building a team that is diverse in culture and experiences allows the opportunity for different perspectives to be heard.

There has been a lot of change in a  short amount of time: diversity conversations, privacy concerns, pandemic outcomes, and a general shift in culture. It is always interesting to see how much of a reflection advertising is of culture. Google, one of the premiere global platforms highlighted this through their discussion. As the world turns, so does the advertising industry.

This post was written by Karin Brown, Digital Media Planner/Buyer.


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