Google Marketing Live 2023


These are the two key letters as to what the future of Google marketing holds. Just like every other tech company it seems like, the push to AI is also happening in Google – and it’s coming fast.

AI will be in almost every single aspect of marketing with Google, and it’ll be here before you even know it!

Conversational Experience AI

The AI functionality within search campaigns is going to be a game changer for all marketers. The new conversational experience feature allows advertisers to communicate back and forth with AI – allowing for a more rigorous, yet simple way to generate relevant keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and other assets within your campaign.

Google achieves this by taking your site’s landing page allowing the AI to proactively generate these assets by recommendations and asking questions. The advertiser can communicate with the Google AI to obtain the most relevant assets for your campaign.

This will be a great tool to use if you are ever stuck on coming up with creative headlines or descriptions in your ad copy.

So many possibilities catered to your products/business will allow for performance metrics to improve!

Performance Max AI

Since releasing Performance Max in the fall of 2021, Google has reported on YoY conversion growth amongst the advertisers.

Now, Google is implementing a generative AI tool into the Performance Max campaigns. This will allow users to make the process of creating custom assets even easier.

By providing your company website, Google AI will be able to start generating relevant assets to your campaign. Google AI will also suggest images that are catered to you – allowing you to choose which image(s) fit best within your campaign.

With all the creative power from the Google AI within these PMax campaigns, advertisers will be able to create those unique ads for them to generate the highest possible ROI.

Product Studio

With the new Product Studio from Google, creating and generating scenes for your product images have never been easier! This tool allows marketers to create high quality product images in just minutes.

This takes the cost and time out of creating your product ads with a simple, easy to use tool that will not only save you time and money, but also let you create aesthetically pleasing product ads.

Using the feature is quite simple, all you need to do is upload an image of your product and then type in a scene description as to what you want your background to be for the image (pictured below). The Google AI will generate these scenes from which you can choose.


These are just some of the amazing new features that Google plans to roll out here very shortly.

As performance marketers, the push to AI can be a big fear of the unknown, however, Google wants you to keep your experimental mentality when it comes to digital media and not to worry about AI. AI is here to help build strategy and to improve key performance metrics within your campaigns.

During Google Marketing Live, Google stated and reiterated multiple times to the audience and viewers that, “you’re not competing with AI, you’re competing with other marketers using AI.”

This is the key takeaway from this presentation as Google is reinforcing that marketers are not being taken over by AI, better yet marketers are given the tools to compete in the digital landscape.

The future is now with Google’s new AI tools for performance marketers.

Written by Paid Search Specialist, Dan McCarthy

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