Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday can mean a lot of different things.  It may evoke a smile or sunshine.  When searching around the internet I found different connotations around it.  The main commonality is a simple word: joy.  What brings you joy and what brings joy to others.  At Media Works we celebrate Feel Good Friday a few times in the year.  It is an organic push that happens when it feels like the right time.  More importantly, we celebrate it through charitable giving to other people and organizations.  We encourage the entire agency to donate to a cause or organization that is near and dear to them, and Media Works matches the donation.

The personal connections to the organizations are what really bring this day to life.

“in memory of a friend’s father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s”

“in honor of my 6 year old nephew who just finished his last chemo treatment”

“to help families that are still struggling to put food on the table due to the impacts of the pandemic”

Creating a culture around gratitude

In a deep dive into the definition of gratitude, I find words like thankful, appreciation, pleasing, and returning kindness.  Powerful words that we take for granted in our daily personal and professional lives.  Weaving gratitude into the fabric of our culture at Media Works has helped to change the way we look at each other inside our organization and keeps perspective of the outside world.

Creating a culture around gratitude can do the following things for an organization:

  • Evoke more positivity
  • Instill a practice of patience
  • Lend to more mindful communication
  • Create a safe environment where everyone has a voice

Ultimately, we spend a lot of time with our work family.  Sharing a common perspective and passion on gratitude and kindness becomes contagious.

Find Your Feel Good Friday

I challenge everyone to find their “joy” to celebrate.  What makes you want to put your hands in the air and celebrate?  What brings a smile to your face?  What can you do to pass that smile to someone else?

This post was written by Executive Vice President, Amy Ward.

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