Facebook Advertising Platform Updates

Meta has recently rolled out new products and platform updates on Facebook and Instagram. Below is a list of the new products and updates that may impact your current ads or will have an impact on them in the future.

Advantage+ Audience

Meta rolled out Advantage+ Audience on August 22. This product enables your selected audience to combine with AI to help reach the most relevant and effective audience to help drive campaign performance. This product leverages advanced automation and machine learning technology to reach people who may be missing in your original audience. This tool also helps your campaign become more automatic and less manual. Please note that Advantage+ Audience will be a default. If you do not want to use the Advantage+ option, you will have to manually select the option “Return to original audience experience.”

Previous testing has shown the below results:
• 28% decrease in average Cost per Click, Lead, or Landing Page View
• 13% decrease in median Cost per Catalog Sale
• 7% decrease in median Cost per Website Conversion

Detailed Targeting

Beginning October 3, 2023, selected Detailed Targeting options will be removed and you will no longer be able to create new campaigns using these options. When editing or duplicating an affected ad set, advertisers will see impacted ad sets flagged and will be required to update their targeting selections. As part of the notification inside Ads Manager, advertisers will be able to see the specific Detailed Targeting options that are no longer available. Your existing campaigns using these options can continue to run until March 18, 2024.
Existing campaigns that are not updated by March 18, 2024, may be paused and advertisers will see in-product notifications in Ads Manager, prompting them to review impacted campaigns. In this situation, advertisers will need to update their targeting selections for their campaigns to resume. This will include existing campaigns that either use a removed option for exclusion, or solely rely on removed options for inclusion. These campaigns will need to be updated for your campaign to resume.

Schedule your Ads with New Advantage+ Shopping Campaign Features:

This product enables you to set individual ad schedules in ASC buys which allows you to schedule your ads to start and end at a specific time. This helps you manage your creatives, reduce manual work by adequately managing campaign schedules, support short term promotions, and use time sensitive language like “Friday is here” or “Sale this Friday”.
Advantage+ Shopping Campaign BAU-to-ASC v2 Upgrade Guidance
Previously on the ASC tool, Facebook only allowed manual sales campaigns with one ad set for upgrade, now advertisers can upgrade manual sales campaigns with multiple ad sets. This tool is designed to use automation and AI to deliver campaigns at scale with greater efficiency than the manual campaigns. However, applying these adjustments is optional. If you would like to continue to use the manual settings, you can duplicate your campaign and select “Duplicate with current settings.”

Self-Serve Conversion Lift is now available in experiment UI

First, what is Conversion Lift? This tool helps you understand the true value of your Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network ads. Conversion Lift compares the actions of real people in a randomized test and control groups to measure the additional online, offline, or mobile app that has been driven by Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Networks ads.
Meta is re-enabling the setup of conversion lift studies from the Experiments UI, this is where you may have set up your A/B tests and Brand lift studies. The benefit of this update is it will help you move faster by removing wait times while Meta sets up studies on your behalf. As of now, this is not available to all advertisers at launch. When it is available to you, you will see a banner across the platform that says, “Available to you.”

Onboard the Conversions API Gateway in Just Two Steps

There is now a simplified setup process Conversions API Gateway. In this updated process you will not have to go through a developer or third-party partner integration. Learn more about this process using Developer Docs.

Stories Ads Sticker CTA launch

What is a link sticker? A link sticker is an interactive element that is used usually on an organic Facebook story. When a user taps on this sticker it directs them to the associated landing page. This is now available on Facebook story ads, which is being called a Sticker CTA. The goal for this is to add more visual attention to the CTA for users to interact with stories.

Reach and Frequency now available for Facebook Reel Ads

The Reach and Frequency objective is now including Facebook reels to all advertisers. This is available under Reach and Frequency in Ads Manager.

New Threads Features
1. Threads on Desktop: It is now easier to access Threads on whichever device you are currently using. Check out www.threads.net to get started!
2. Alt-Text: Ability to add your own text for photo/video prior to posting.
3. Send on Instagram: Option to share a thread to IG DM’s via the Send button.
4. Profile Mention: New button on Profile to easily mention an account in your thread.
5. Sort Your Following: Sort who you are following by default/latest earliest.
6. Liked Posts: Ability to see your threads you have previously liked via Settings Menu.

Meta announces new features and additional transparency measures as the Digital Services Act comes into effect

The European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) will begin to fully apply to Facebook and Instagram. Advertisers who target EU, associated territories or worldwide on Facebook and Instagram, are now required to enter information about the beneficiary and who is paying for the ad, which will be on the ad set level.
The other update is that the Meta Ad Library has expanded to display and archive all ads that deliver a minimum of one impression to Europe or associated territories. The ads will live in the library for one year after the last impression was delivered.

Written by Senior Account Specialist, Rylee Palys

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