CTV Catching Up To Linear

Video streaming has been considered the “emerging trend” in media for the last 5 years, but for advertisers in 2024 it is considered a mainstay platform in client’s media strategies. In fact, in many paid media strategies- CTV is the leading channel to grow reach, frequency, and use the power of video to engage their audience at the right time, right place.

The increase in viewership is seen most prominently through live sports which continues to be the highest viewed programming in the country. The “Swifty” Bowl, or sorry, SUPER BOWL in 2024 generated a total of 8.5 million viewers across the CBS digital network, an increase of 150% from just 4 years ago! The Trade Desk published its 2024 CTV Report stating the top benefits for live sports advertisers in the brand safe content and ability to effectively target their audience.

Connected TV’s value spans beyond just live sports programming. 95% of advertisers plan to either maintain or increase their investment in CTV media. The Trade Desk report identified 2 key variables in accelerating the incorporation of the CTV epidemic, user data and measurement.

Cookie deprecation and privacy regulations have impacted advertiser’s ability to follow users in the digital ecosystem. Advertisers are now leaning on, more than ever, 1st party data is a key component in pinpointing the exact audience to reach with CTV. The power of the dollar in advertising has reached a critical point in paid media, clients want to understand how their marketing budgets are invested and how it is impacting ROI. Unlike linear channels, CTV has proved to impact clients ROAS and deliver to their KPI’s. These advertising acronyms come down to one measurement- increase in profit. Clients can visibly see through data how CTV impacts bottom line revenue. Advertisers can build out an omni channel strategy with coverage across all levels of the funnel from awareness down to purchase.

CTV will continue to establish its position in the advertising ecosystem. The Trade Desk reports that by 2027, it is expected to see AVOD viewers surpassing pay TV viewers by 37%.

Written by Vice President, Monica Lazarus

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