Counting Cars

There is a general understanding that the end goal for a business is to increase revenue and maximize profits. For each business specifically, the steps in which to gain said profit is the magic formula. For example, a college may want to increase attendance or a clothing store may want to sell more items. Automotive service companies’ ultimate end goal is to increase cars being serviced at their locations.

Media Works was given a project to help a retail automotive client increase their monthly car counts through Google Search & Performance Max campaigns. We are able to track conversions within Google as a Store Visit, while also aligning with the client’s data of actual Car Counts.

When analyzing existing campaigns, Media Works recommended & implemented several optimizations right off the bat:

  • Pausing any keywords with no impressions volume or conversions
  • Removing negative conflicting & redundant keywords across ad groups
  • Layering custom target audience segments to better target a potential customer, and to optimize against
  • Adding a Competitor ad group to conquest competitor price offers
  • Adding additional relevant keywords, based on keyword research & relevancy

As we moved through our first few months of the campaigns, we were able to further optimize & test to increase conversions & Car Counts:

  • Tested a smaller geo around each store location, which proved to limit conversions. We then opened the radius back up which then saw improved performance.
  • Implemented location & image extensions to better customize ads and make them more visual to attract attention.
  • Made bid adjustments on locations receiving lower impression share to bolster activity to those stores.
  • Dayparted our campaigns to better align with customer habits.

Our ongoing testing & optimizing on a daily & weekly basis has led to increased Conversions (store visits) and Car Counts week over week, while maintaining an efficient Cost Per Car.

Written by Paid Search Specialist, Elliott Wiley

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