Another Super Bowl Commercial Recap

The Super Bowl is possibly the only night of the year where commercials aren’t seen as an interruption but rather as entertainment.  And last night was no exception if you consider the number of celebrities in last night’s ads, often multiple celebrities in one ad and a lot of humor.

There is no lack of judgement, commentary and ranking; everyone seems to have put out their list of favorites.

USA Today’s ad meter, which tabulates votes from viewers, ranks these as the top 5: Rocket Mortgage with Anna Kendrick and Barbie, Amazon Alexa Mind Reader with Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson, Dorito’s/Cheetos Push It with animated animals singing to Salt-n-Pepa’s Push It, Kia’s Robo Dog and Toyota’s Brothers.

Kantar measurement claims best performing ads were Nissan’s Thrill Driver featuring Eugene Levy, Hellman’s Mayo Tackles Food Waste including Pete Davidson and Doritos/Cheetos Push it and Sam’s Club VIP with Kevin Hart.

Ace Metrics has a likeability score attached to ads, the top 5 based on likeability score are Frito Lay Push It, Nissan Thrill Driver, BMW Zeus, Lays Stay Golden with Paul Redd and Seth Rogen and Michelob Ultra.

YouTube claims the #1 watched ad on Sunday was Amazon’s Alexa ad followed by T-Mobile with Zach Braff and 2 Universal Picture ads promoting Jurassic Park and Nope.

A big surprise was Crypto exchange Coinbase, who used their :60 spot to show nothing but a QR code changing colors and bouncing around the screen. The intent was for viewers to scan the code which took them to the website to sign up for an account. There was such high volume to the site, people received error messages.

What about the worst ads? The Kellogg School rated The Salesforce ad with Matthew McConaughey as an astronaut and Taco Bell’s ad with an F claiming both ads failed to connect to the brand.

If you missed any, there are links posted online to view ads again.

This blog was written by Account Manager, Julie Block Padden


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