An Uncertain End to 2024 and How to Re-Evaluate Your Media

The second half of 2024 is certainly culminating into an intersection of several key events and situations that could affect media plans.  Mid-year is a great time to regroup with your clients and review any external and internal circumstances.  These changes could come in many forms such as creative, flighting, platforms, or spending.  Below is list of considerations to think about as we go into the second half of 2024:

  • Political – the 2023-2024 election cycle will total $10.2B in ad spending which we knew going into the year. The important parts to consider at mid-year evaluations are any local races that have heated up in your market, any changes to the battleground Presidential area, and issue dollars that will impact the market.  The Democratic and Republican National conventions will be held over the summer in July and Aug.
  • Olympics – The Paris Olympics will kick off in July and impact consumer’s watch patterns for those two weeks. Whether you are an advertiser in or out of the Olympic programming it will affect your media strategy over that time period.  The impact is on both linear and streaming behaviors.
  • Platform Changes – it is a great time to evaluate any changes or regulations in social media platforms. They make changes to targeting options and optimizations without any notice and it is important to pivot away if this has a major impact on your desired outcomes.  Platforms are also building in AI audience options that also need to be evaluated.
  • Content Refresh – re-examine any content strategies and make sure they are still in alignment with campaign goals and objectives. Consider refreshing creative around this to stay relevant.
  • Global Conflicts – the news is flooded with updates on the Israel-Hamas war and the ramifications being seen in the US with campus protests. There is a feeling of uncertainty surrounding conflicts that disrupts people’s everyday behaviors.
  • TikTok Legislation – TikTok is being forced to find a new owner or be banned in the US. The deadline for sale is January 19, 2025.   TikTok has since sued the U.S. Government over this new law.  How this all ends we won’t know for a little while but the press around it can be a turn off for some advertisers on the platform.

If we know anything about the media industry, we know things will change.  Consumers are always in the driver’s seat and taking a step back to consider the “noise” they are battling in their everyday life can help evolve your marketing plan.  Consider the touchpoints of your plan and how real-life events are being impacted and adjust.  That is the best part of what we do, it is never a straight road to the finish line.


Written by Executive Vice President, Amy Ward

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