Amazon’s Next Venture: Healthcare

Throughout the last 25 years, we’ve witnessed the creation and adoption of many subscription-based services in the digital arena: digital magazine subscriptions, audio streaming subscriptions and the increasingly popular linear television alternative of OTT subscriptions. Now, the unstoppable conglomerate, Amazon, is paving the way for a new subscription model but, this time, it isn’t entertainment-based.

Amazon recently made the announcement it will offer healthcare services to its Prime members on an annual subscription basis, very similar to how we know and use the Prime Membership subscription today. Amazon’s Prime subscription, best known for its rapid delivery and “1-click” ordering service has entered the healthcare space as the corporation continues its mission to be the “earth’s most customer-centric company” in all aspects.

Named “One Medical”, Prime Members can receive primary care support for a cost as low as $9 per month. According to Forbes, this subscription allows access to 24/7 virtual care, accelerated care for cold symptoms and skin issues and same or next-day remote or in-person appointments at One Medical primary care offices. Keeping in line with Amazon’s company values, this affordable, consumer-focused, quick service is peaking the interest of healthcare recipients and competitors alike. With this new rollout of healthcare accessibility, many are contemplating the switch as primary care access becomes more limited and our society’s desire to “have to all and have it now” mentality continues to grow.

Amazon’s remarkable journey, beginning in Jeff Bezos’ garage with the humble sale of books, has evolved into a dominant force across retail, entertainment, and now, healthcare. As the company continues to forge new frontiers, our collective curiosity intensifies, and we eagerly anticipate what the future holds, keeping a vigilant eye on Amazon’s next ventures.

Written by Senior Account Specialist, Brittany Lombardi

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