8 Strategies for Brands to Build Diversity & Inclusion into Their Messaging

Univision Brand Labs and the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) conducted a study to measure the impact of diversity and inclusion, highlighted in ad campaigns, on brand outcomes. The goal of the VAB study was to answer the following questions from marketers:

  • If we isolate the variable of a core message of diversity and inclusion, can we demonstrate how that commitment to that core message impacts various metrics throughout the purchase funnel?
  • How do ad campaigns with a core message of diversity and inclusion deliver strong brand results throughout the purchase funnel from awareness to sales?

Brands are pulling in the below eight strategies in their messaging to signal commitment to diversity and inclusion to consumers:

  1. Showcase real, authentic and inspirational voices
  2. Embrace people’s strengths and vulnerabilities
  3. Promote empowerment
  4. Celebrate modern society
  5. Support their community
  6. Demonstrate the ability to speak their language authentically
  7. Create products for underrepresented people and underserved markets
  8. Take a stand for social justice

The VAB’s study confirmed brands embracing and implementing more than one of the above strategies, reported positive lift across the marketing funnel. Going through the purchase funnel, the VAB identified eight distinct metrics to compare, contrast and rank:  

  • Awareness:
    1. Ad Attention Score
    2. Brand/Industry Attention Index
    3. Brand Attention Ranking
  • Consideration:
    1. Positive Sentiment
    2. Digital Engagement Impact (TV spend vs. digital interactions)
  • Intent:
    1. Monthly Unique Website/App Traffic
  • Sales:
    1. Total or Organic Revenues/Sales
    2. Unit Sales

It is important to note that we are not talking about multi-ethnic casting or dubbed Spanish language creative to showcase diversity and inclusion in ad campaigns. Brands must commit to core messaging around diversity and inclusion, to drive business success. This means brands should also consider garnering a deeper understanding of target cultures within their strategy to build their creative concepts from the ground up. While it is difficult to employ all 8 strategies listed above at once, brands should focus on at least two to drive positive results.

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