TikTok Buyers Guide: The Dos and Don’ts

Over the course of the past year TikTok has taken the social world by storm. With people being stuck inside their homes throughout the pandemic, many have found themselves being entertained by the endless videos found on the app. Over the course of the year, TikTok’s audience has more than doubled by 75% in the last year! With such an influx in users, advertisers have begun to ask themselves – Why TikTok? Below are a few takeaways why advertising with TikTok can prove to be valuable.

  • Usage: On average, users spend 81 minutes daily on TikTok, open the app 16x a day, and view 300B videos monthly.
  • Growth: TikTok’s audience is constantly growing. There will always be an untapped audience at hand.
  • Unique: Ads resemble in-feed content, leading to an increase in ad interaction.
  • Change: Because of the platforms rapid growth, the app and its advertising capabilities are constantly evolving.

If you choose to be present on TikTok, advertisers should keep in mind the app’s Do’s and Don’ts.

  • DO get your message out immediately! A user’s attention should be grabbed right away. The videos that show the highest CTR tend to get their message out within the first three seconds.
  • DO NOT wait to share your message until the end of the ad. Users are more likely to interact with an ad right away if they are drawn in by an enticing message.
  • DO focus on sound! TikTok is a 100% sound on environment. Sounds and visuals should work hand in hand. Did you know that many songs that’ve gone viral in the music industry this year have because of their constant reoccurrence and use on the platform?
  • DO NOT only use images. Since TikTok is a sound on environment users are expecting a video that will flow with their feed. The use of
  • images can negatively impact user interaction.
  • DO get to know your audience! Stay up to date on the latest TikTok trends as a way to build relevant ads.
  • DO NOT use trending popular generic hashtags. You want your ads to be visible to your target audience. By using popular hashtags you risk your ad being lost in a sea of videos.
  • DO make TikToks! Successful ads have been created to resemble in-feed content. Users are more likely to interact with an ad that appears to be shared by an actual user as opposed to an advertiser. You can find a list of popular TikTok advertisements here.

If you find yourself advertising on TikTok today, keep in mind the tips below when optimizing your campaigns:

  • Update your creative every 7 days, at the least, in order to avoid ad fatigue. As an avid TikTok user, I can say from experience that constantly being exposed to the same ad has led me to swipe past ads without second thought. Be sure to keep your message fresh and creative up to date with current trends!
  • Try TikTok’s creative tools such as Smart Video to efficiently design new creatives.
  • When adding new creatives into the mix, it is suggested to add them to an existing ad group to extend its lifetime.

Have you advertised on TikTok, or participated in the platform organically? What are your thoughts?

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