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NFL Thursday Night Football Outlook on Amazon Prime

The NFL playoff picture is starting to become clearer as we approach the holiday season! Through 13 weeks, it’s no surprise to see the Eagles, Bills and Chiefs lead the pack, but there are a few teams that have outperformed expectations – Jets, Giants, and Commanders just to name a few. It wouldn’t be an

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Digital Stewardship and Pacing

What is Digital Pacing and Stewardship? Digital pacing is the speed at which an ad campaign uses up its predefined number of impressions or spends its predefined budget.  The purpose is to ensure delivery and performance goals by the end of the campaign.  We like to define it as a way of “staying on track”!

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Maryland Digital Ad Tax No More

The Maryland Digital Ad tax, the first in the nation, was struck down in October by an Anne Arundel Court after less than two years of being in practice. The judge sided with Comcast & Verizon in their case, finding that the policy violated the First Amendment, the Internet Tax Freedom Act, and the Dormant

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Adding Structure to Hybrid Work

It’s hard to believe that the pandemic has been going on long enough for us to have real, valuable data on how it has affected the way we work. While the benefits of working remotely can’t be minimized, research from Harvard Business School shows that a majority (63%) of employees would like to come into

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QR Code Use in Marketing

Remember watching last year’s Super Bowl when a certain commercial caught your attention? All you could see was a code bouncing around your screen for a full 60 seconds. Well, this simple commercial crashed Coinbase’s website and is now a tactic being used across the marketing industry. According to QRTiger, from 2018 to 2020, QR

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The Value of Going Back to Basics

I recently completed a course provided by the 4A’s about the foundational elements of working in media. Thanks to the Media Works team, my level of being a “fairly recent college graduate” does not make me feel excluded from insights into the media industry. However, I also found a lot of comfort in returning to

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