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The High Stakes of Live Streaming

Netflix catapulted its way into our homes over a decade ago, and its binge-worthy scripted hits such as “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” had viewers not only captivated but disrupted linear TV viewership forever. Users felt liberated by this on-demand, binge model, and the industry caught on. It seemed the days

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Preparing for Upcoming Google Audience Changes

The media landscape is constantly changing every single day. Several platforms are having to re-evaluate targeting capabilities, due to the phasing out of third-party cookies and the on-going need to increase user privacy. At the end of 2022, Google announced that by Mid 2023 “similar” audience segments will no longer be supported. So what are

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A Closer Look at Convergent TV

Changes in the TV industry, including investment in content, new service offerings and the shift to on-demand viewing has prompted advertisers to adopt a more dynamic view of their video buying options.  The new term, converged TV, is defined as the convergence of linear, connected TV and digital video viewed on desktop , tablet, or

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The Madness Behind the March Media

How sweet it must feel to be a fan of Fairleigh Dickinson or Princeton! The 16-seed Knights & 15-seed Tigers provided a ton of excitement last weekend defeating two of the favorites to win the entire tournament – 1-seed Purdue Boilermakers and 2-seed Arizona Wildcats. Well, if you ask those that selected Purdue or Arizona

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The Importance of Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Media Agency work is challenging, inspiring, and always innovative. But how do we foster high accountability while encouraging new ideas? Psychological safety is a newer “buzzword” term in the working world, but providing employees a safe place to learn and grow from mistakes is not. It’s the idea that employers want to create an environment

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Keeping up with Facebook Targeting Changes

We have seen that Facebook is becoming more restrictive on how/who you can target on an advertising level, and they have recently restricted another layer of targeting. As of February 20, 2023, advertisers are not allowed to target people under the age of 18 globally, under 20 in Thailand and under 21 in Indonesia. However,

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