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3 Facebook Strategies to Drive Better ROI and Direct Response

According to 2021 Statista report, individuals 16-64 years old engage with social media for an average of 145 minutes a day. Facebook is still king, with an average usage of 2+ hours daily. ROI through direct response is of paramount importance to brands. How is Facebook addressing these needs? They are making more options available

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Social Media Influencers set the trends for Back-To-School

Schools are back in session and retailers couldn’t be happier!  And with “Back to School” comes Back to School shopping. “Word of mouth” was once known as the holy grail of advertising. We are all more likely to consider recommendations from friends and family. That circle has extended to people we don’t know in real

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Would You Buy a Car Online? The Auto Industry Works to Adjust to Their New Normal

Over the past year, consumer expectations and behaviors have shifted as convenience and accessibility are now critical statuses. Marketers must start responding to engagement faster and must find valuable audiences outside of key areas.  The way to achieve both is by incorporating brands into “micro moments” and adjusting how we measure success. Ecommerce behavior accelerated

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