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Media Alert: Threads

Meta released a new app last week called Threads. It is a text-based social network platform that you use within the Instagram app, it is similar to Twitter. Below you can read how it works and what is the future for paid ads on this app. How it works: In order to have Threads, you

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Google Marketing Live 2023

AI, AI, AI. These are the two key letters as to what the future of Google marketing holds. Just like every other tech company it seems like, the push to AI is also happening in Google – and it’s coming fast. AI will be in almost every single aspect of marketing with Google, and it’ll

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Counting Cars

There is a general understanding that the end goal for a business is to increase revenue and maximize profits. For each business specifically, the steps in which to gain said profit is the magic formula. For example, a college may want to increase attendance or a clothing store may want to sell more items. Automotive

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Selling TikTok To Your Clients

“I’m not sure how you feel about this idea, but I’m strongly recommending TikTok for this plan” – almost every account manager presenting to their clients these days. TikTok has been a touchy subject over the past few years, especially when recommending it to clients. There are so many pros and cons to the platform,

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The 2023 IAB Newfronts – Media, Media, Media!

The 2023 IAB Newfronts were held this week in New York City with the opportunity to join in on the excitement through virtual attendance. Media Works took advantage of this thought provoking event, catching up on platform capabilities, new industry trends, and emerging topics. This conference leads into the network upfronts in NYC May 16-19

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Programmatic Out of Home, what is THAT?

One of our favorite parts of the media business is keeping up with the new trends in advertising. Programmatic out of home is one of the newest developments that combines the efficiency and targeting of digital with the scale and reach of out of home. What is programmatic out of home? It is the automated

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