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Media Spotlight: Karin Brown, Digital Media Planner/Buyer

Editor’s note: “Media Spotlight” is an ongoing series where we interview the professionals that make up our growing office. This week, we interviewed Karin Brown. #MWSpotlight How long have you worked in media/advertising? For almost 5 years now! I started working for the advertising & sales department for a radio station the week after my college graduation

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Solving the Streaming TV Measurement Riddle

Streaming TV, already a growing medium, accelerated in 2020 with the pandemic. According to a Nielsen Total Audience report from 2020, streaming now accounts for 25% of all television minutes in homes. In the same report, streaming time increased by 60 minutes from Q2 2019 to Q2 2020: An eMarketer Report from April 2020 shows

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The Many Theories of Marketing Saturation and Fatigue

Media Works recently pulled together research for a client who asked about advertising wear out. Based on the studies below, there is no magic bullet answer to this question, as there are so many variables—particularly the quality of the creative. The Advertising Research Foundation: Advertising Wear Out There is not only wear out of ads,

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2020 Auto Industry Review: 5 Steps for the Industry to Combat COVID-19

December is traditionally one of the Automotive Industry’s best months.  However, as with everything else, Dec 2020 brings about some unanswered challenges. Conquering the ramifications to business wrought by COVID-19 Inventory access to vehicles new & pre-owned Stability of the economy & the industry throughout the vaccination process The immediate future of the Auto Industry

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Tackling 5 Data Challenges with Nielsen

Nielsen held their recent Consumer 360 virtual event to unveil their rebranding as Nielsen IQ. Nielsen IQ aspires to the below goals: Provide better data visibility Discover innovations and opportunities Deliver the best global picture of diversity and changes among consumers Simplify the complexity of the data for bolder and more confident decision making among

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Sports in 2020

After months of empty stadiums, sports began to slowly come back with NASCAR and Golf, followed by NHL, MLB, and the NBA. Then the NFL took its turn, seemingly clearing a hurdle as the season opener kicked off in early September. However, the NFL has been faced with several challenges: MNF games have been rescheduled

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