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A Projection on 2024 Media Inflation

We all consume media every day in many aspects of our lives. And just as we encounter real world situations in our own day to day, media is also impacted by those same influences. For example, think about the Summer Olympics coming up in a few months. Media schedules change to accommodate this big event.

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Playoffs on Peacock

If you were watching the Miami vs. Buffalo game last night on NBC, not only were you being swamped with Summer 2024 Olympics promotional ads (in January), you were being told that one of the 2024 Wildcard NFL Playoff games was being moved to Peacock exclusively.  That’s right, for the first time, an NFL playoff

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Amazon’s Next Venture: Healthcare

Throughout the last 25 years, we’ve witnessed the creation and adoption of many subscription-based services in the digital arena: digital magazine subscriptions, audio streaming subscriptions and the increasingly popular linear television alternative of OTT subscriptions. Now, the unstoppable conglomerate, Amazon, is paving the way for a new subscription model but, this time, it isn’t entertainment-based.

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The Importance of Active Listening

Agency life is crazy… like, straight up bananas. Just when you think you have settled into a rhythm, something happens and you are thrown back onto the rollercoaster. So how do our leaders stop and really listen to employees with all this outside chaos happening? How do you hear voices over static? I think the

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Facebook Advertising Platform Updates

Meta has recently rolled out new products and platform updates on Facebook and Instagram. Below is a list of the new products and updates that may impact your current ads or will have an impact on them in the future. Advantage+ Audience Meta rolled out Advantage+ Audience on August 22. This product enables your selected

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