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Super Bowl LVII – A Super-Bowl of “Firsts”

One thing is for certain – no matter who wins Super Bowl LVIII it will be a super bowl to remember!  Lots of “Firsts” in this super bowl both on and off the field. Let’s start with those “On-the-field” firsts that are going to make history this upcoming Sunday. Super Bowl LVII has been coined

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Why Gen Z Can’t Get Enough of Snapchat

Snapchat has been a mainstay in the social media landscape for nearly a decade and continues to grow in popularity. With over 363 million daily users as of December 2022, Snapchat is one of the largest social media platforms and may be a key tactic in your media mix. Younger generations can’t get enough of

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The Evolution of Social Media

Every day, social media and digital technology are evolving.  How the digital space interacts with our everyday life has become almost synonymous.  Have you ever left your house without your smartphone and turned back because it was THAT important.  Nowadays, you can do everything by digital technology such as: Talk to people Catch up on

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Minimalists Website Design vs. SEO

One of the most common website design practices today is minimalism. Minimalism is defined as a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity by the Merriam Webster dictionary. Minimalism makes the user experience easy because the user is not bombarded with choices when they reach

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The Power of Picking Up the Phone

We are all guilty of it. Foregoing phone calls in favor of firing off what feels like hundreds of emails daily. As busy multi-taskers, there are undeniable benefits to email communications during the work-day: They can be easier Save time Allow for the editing of thoughts and information Provide an electronic trail for record keeping

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Holiday Shopping 2023

The 2022 holiday season is in full affect and excitement is at an all-time high; however, this year has a different feel. 2020 was different with the pandemic. But this year brings inflation and so many unknowns. Consumer demand has softened, while there is a surplus on inventory, higher than it has been in previous

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