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The New Name…..Meta!

On October 28th, Facebook announced their name change to Meta. The name change is representative of only the parent company. All of the platforms will continue to keep their original names: Facebook Instagram Whatsapp Oculus Threadsy How are Advertisers Affected? Well, in short, they’re not. Advertisers are not affected because the platform applications and websites

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What Brands are Doing This Halloween Season

I remember a year ago I went to my sister’s (small) Halloween party, full of young kids who were excited to finally see some of their friends again after not being able to due to COVID-19 restrictions. What is usually a very fun and exciting Halloween party was quite sad and depressing – no trick

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Virtual is Here to Stay

The pandemic has certainly shifted the workforce to a virtual or hybrid environment almost overnight.  How we communicate, collaborate, and harmonize has been tested and retested in companies large and small over the past year.  We have been pushed to rely on virtual engagement and change our most basic everyday tasks to a virtual format.

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The Tipping Point on Frequency

I swore off Stella Artois beer years ago because they ambushed me on YouTube one peaceful Sunday morning while I was trying to relax. Stella took over every pre-roll position, regardless of the content. History has proven the human psyche can’t tolerate repetition. People have developed torture techniques using sonic or physical repetition—even something gentle

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Hispanic Heritage Month: A Celebration of Culture, Achievements and Joy.

Every year, from September 15th to October 15th, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated nationwide in the United States. The reason it takes places during those dates is because it coincides with the independence days of six Latin American countries. This month-long celebration began in 1988 and it has given Americans the opportunity to celebrate the

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3 Facebook Strategies to Drive Better ROI and Direct Response

According to 2021 Statista report, individuals 16-64 years old engage with social media for an average of 145 minutes a day. Facebook is still king, with an average usage of 2+ hours daily. ROI through direct response is of paramount importance to brands. How is Facebook addressing these needs? They are making more options available

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