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Mental Health Strategies in the Work Place

We all feel the “drag” of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The disruption in our normal routines, vacations, and family gatherings.  The impact of physical distancing, stay-at-home orders, and mask mandates take a huge toll on our overall mental health and outlook.  Organizations can explore strategies and initiatives to support mental wellness in the workplace.  We can

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Future State of The Media Industry

Well, 2022 is upon us and although not much has changed when it comes to working out of our bedrooms, wearing masks, and trying to avoid COVID-19 a lot is changing in the media world.  We have broken down the biggest 6 areas that we think advertisers, brands, agencies, and marketers will need to focus

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The ABCs of OTT

2021 has been a banner year for “Binge Worthy” television viewing. While talking with my friends about some of our favorites, several titles kept popping up:  Bridgerton, Ted Lasso, WandaVision, Mare of Easttown, Season 3 of “You”, the long-awaited return of “Handmaid’s Tale” and of course… Squid Game (my personal favorite!). As far as most

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Black America is Taking Control of their Media Influence

Black people had more than $1.5 trillion dollars in buying power in 2020, and over $1 trillion in viewing power. Black America is taking control of both the economic and media influence they wield and using it to invest in Black experiences, Black communities and Black content. Representation matters – but it’s not ALL that

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Just a Trend or Here to Stay? The Rise of Podcasting

I love podcasts, my roommates love podcasts, my family loves podcasts – everyone I know loves podcasts. I mean how could you not love a good podcast? Whether you are walking your dog at the park or doing your daily commute to work, podcasts offer you a personal experience that allows you to choose a

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2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Predictions

 For decades, Black Friday marked the launch of the holiday shopping season, with stores offering 24-hour sales on the hottest items of the year. Only those willing to wait hours in line, sometimes overnight, were able to shop at the discounted prices. Eventually, retailers began bringing these sales online, leading to the creation of Cyber

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