Case Study - Villanova University


Villanova University College of Professional Studies wanted to launch a branding campaign in the Philadelphia market.  Their goal was to create awareness; be in market for an 8-month period of time with a limited budget and reach adults looking to return to college.

Optimizing Data to Reach Audiences

Knowing that the budget was limited and the demographic was broad, we separated the audience into two personas.  Using primarily Scarborough, we researched the media habits of each persona which lead to the conclusion that there were some similarities and some differences.   Using this data we developed a media plan that included a combination of linear and streaming media as well as out of home.  Included media:

  • Broadcast TV
  • Streaming Video
  • Broadcast Radio
  • Streaming Audio
  • Bulletins
  • Bus Tails
  • Bus wrap


The campaign launched on Jan 30th with the first flight ending on Feb 19th.  Looking at the pageviews to the home page, there was a significant increase in pageviews while all the media was in campaign. Page view results below.


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