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From the Ballpark to the Bridge: A Tale of Two Baltimore Icons

Baltimore Orioles Opening Day and the Francis Scott Key Bridge might not seem to be connected at first glance, but they share a common thread. Both are significant events in Baltimore’s culture and history, and both bring the community together in their unique ways exemplifying the spirit of Baltimore. Opening Day is a beloved tradition

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American Advertising Awards 2024

It was a night filled with laughter, excitement, and comradery.  The Baltimore advertising community came out in droves with a sold-out crowd for the American Advertising Awards show at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. This year marked a truly extraordinary milestone as Michele Selby, President of Media Works, received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. This

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TV Content Trends of 2023

What did you watch in 2023?  What was your favorite show or most memorable TV event?  Does it line up with the most popular shows and the ones that garnered the most eyeballs?  Check out below to find out! STREAMING As we say in this business, content is king.  Viewers are hungry for new content

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Super Bowl Results – On & Off the Field

The results are in from last night’s game, both on the field and on the screen. The majority of commercials were lighthearted, humorous and star studded. A few were emotional and heartwarming, and none too controversial. There were several :60 spots. With :30 spots going for a reported $7 million, advertisers had a lot on

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Super Bowl LVIII Commercials: Big Names, Bigger Surprises

As Super Bowl LVIII approaches, anticipation builds not just for the game but for the commercials set to air during this globally watched event. This year, viewers can expect an intriguing mix of big names and even bigger surprises. From iconic brands making bold statements to newcomers aiming to leave a lasting impression, the commercial

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Super Bowl Halftime Show – How did we get here?

We all know why the NFL players are on the field Superbowl Sunday, but what about the halftime performers? The headliners reportedly only receive a small fee paid by their union contract (the NFL does cover the production cost of the show and travel expense), yet performers must see this is as worth it. Historically,

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